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Thread: Thinking what others will say: italics or?

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    Thinking what others will say: italics or?

    I'm sure there's someplace to look this one up but it's hard to find the right search term for something so specific, so forgive me. Brin is the first person narrator. I indicate her thoughts with present tense italics and narration with past tense regular font.

    This is my paragraph:

    The discontent still awaited, a quiet wave of echoes passing from villager to villager, “stupid Brin, putting everyone in danger with her insistence on filling in a bunch of maps." Each one that agreed would amplify the certainty of their convictions. The single opposing voice of my mother would merely silence them until she was out of their presence. Truth had little effect on certainty.

    In this case she's narrating but the mocking of other peoples' words creates a question for me. Are those thoughts or narration? Or maybe either is optional?

    Thank you all advance.
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