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Thread: Amtrak derailment in Washington State near Seattle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightdreamer View Post
    The old "tomorrow, we will build nests" pattern. (Ages ago, I read a little folk tale on the tag of one of those Folkmanis(?) sloth puppets; the sloths got wet in a rainstorm and decided to build nests the next day to keep themselves dry. But it was sunny the next day, and the day after, so the nests never got built. Until the next rainstorm. "Tomorrow," the sloths said,"we will build nests.")
    Heh, this reminds me of a relative of mine whose roof leaked for years in the rain, and the dining room ceiling finally "fell" one night because the plaster had become so weakened.

    He couldn't go up and fix the roof (or get someone to come fix it) when it was actually raining (and therefore leaking), so they just put buckets down, but when it was dry, the roof didn't leak.

    I guess time will tell with this train derailment.

    I am curious about why they were calling this route "high speed" rail, though. It clearly isn't and was meant to travel at the normal range of speeds that Amtrak trains do. Maybe it's an express route and the media got confused? The problem is, mislabeling something invites all kinds of misinterpretation and speculation.

    One question I have that I haven't seen addressed in the articles I read: did the engineer of the train survive? If so, surely that person could provide information about what happened prior to the crash.
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