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Thread: Story Idea dealing with solicitation and privacy laws

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    Story Idea dealing with solicitation and privacy laws

    Story idea: Woman is massage therapist. She is seeking revenge on a man and wants to ruin his marriage. He goes in and requests a "full body massage" with no request of sex by either party before or during massage. During massage, sex occurs (might be nothing more than mutual masturbation). There is no police surveillance or presence on the establishment, but she videotapes the session (naturally without his knowledge or consent). She presents him with the videotape evidence and wants $$$$ or will show the video to his wife. She obviously cannot threaten to notify the police because this will implicate her. Since the only two "witnesses" were the masseuse and customer, he considers going to the police to report the illegal videotape, but obviously risks charges of solicitation of prostitution. Story setting is in Texas, and my research of solicitation of prostitution and privacy laws don't answer the question of whether the police can arrest him and / or her when the only evidence is a videotape which (I believe) is illegal in the state of Texas, because my understanding is he (as customer) should expect privacy in this setting (massage parlor). So the man obviously has a dilemma. Should he notify (or at least threaten to notify) the police? Should he pay the woman? Should he just kill her? I am planning to submit this to a criminal attorney forum, but I'm not sure they'll answer questions that don't deal with real situations.
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