Fwiw, I think some of the confusion here is my fault. Don Maass (whose book on emotion I have not yet finished) talks of three methods of writing about emotion: Inner, Outer, and Other. The Inner mode is telling. The Outer mode is showing. And the Other mode is causing the reader to feel emotions that the characters are not feeling. It is actually, as he puts, "an emotional dialogue between author and reader." All methods can be effective, but they don't work the same.

It was the Other mode that I thought the OP meant when he said he was struggling with "third-level emotion." But I think there's been a terminology mix-up (on my part), and third-level emotion may refer to a deeper level of emotion, sometimes even hidden from the character him or herself. If that's the issue the OP was wanting help on, that's a whole different thing from the third method of writing emotion known as the Other mode.