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Thread: Twelve Tales of Christmas is out, and it's gone #15 on Amazon!

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    Twelve Tales of Christmas is out, and it's gone #15 on Amazon!

    So this is severely cool, at least in my world. First of all, Twelve Tales is out. It's free, and it's getting good reviews so far. One of them actually thanked me for writing the book and told me I helped put a lot of joy back in Christmas for him. At least for me, that's what writing was supposed to be about.

    Anyway, if modern fairy tales are your thing, it's free on Amazon.

    I feel drunk on happiness. It's out, people are reading it, and they're liking it. Does it get better than this? Wow.

    Okay, now for the next bit. It's ranked fifteen on Amazon here: Please go see it before it goes away.

    And okay, it's a long tail category. If I wanted to be number 15 in fantasy, I'd be right next to Tolkien. I'm fifteen in kindle ebooks> science fiction and fantasy>fantasy>anthologies and short stories. And I'm 15 in the free side, not paid.

    But still. Fifteen. That's the first page. Top Twenty. Yee haw.

    I'm also 42 in same categories as above but ending in sword and sorcery, and 76 in kindle ebooks>literature and fiction>genre fiction>holidays. I totally took screen shots.

    So now my burning question is: Can I call myself an Amazon bestselling writer? I'm kind of fuzzy on what that is.
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