Hello! This thread will be similar -- and is related -- to the thread I started yesterday (or two days ago, I can't remember which :P), but it's still kind of a new question. I realized I might have caused some confusion in the last question, so this time I'll try to be more clear about what I mean.

I have a fairly big story planned for this serial series I'm planning, but I'm having slight trouble structuring it into the three different acts. From how it looks like right now, the first novel will be kind of a more "related" prologue to the series -- I guess you could call it a longer Act 1 -- where I set up the story and the characters for the future novels, and then end it in a certain way that opens up a possibility for the real story I want told to be told. (Similar to the A Song of Ice And Fire-series; the first book: AGoT).

My question to you: Can an entire book be one of the acts in a novel series, and contain multiple "smaller" acts? (What I mean is that the novel contains the different acts, just like any other would, but is still an Act 1 of the overall series).