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I think it would be easier to write the whole story and then chop it up in book-size chunks.

> the first novel will be kind of a more "related" prologue to the series

What if the first book doesn't sell?

> {...} where I set up the story and the characters for the
> future novels, and then end it in a certain way that opens
> up a possibility for the real story I want told to be told.

Wait. A book-length prologue? See my question above.

It's not really that, a prologue of the series; the novel is still about what the future books will be, just ... somehow different. The characters have this common goal/dream, and start working towards it (partly fulfill them, also) in the first, but the ending of it will be where I kill off the character that caused them to want this too, and let the others promise that they will keep fulfilling it (I'd rather keep WHAT this goal is a secret).