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I have given a slew of these over the years. I think they're the perfect holiday gift, provided the person you're gifting is not easily offended, heh. It's got my fave Xmas story of all time, which you can hear David Sedaris himself read to you, right here. I can't stress how highly I recommend listening to him read this, even if you've read the story yourself, a dozen times. If you've never heard or read it, let him read it, then buy the book.

If you're unfamiliar with David Sedaris, I don't know what's wrong with you, but you were probably raised wrong and it might not be your fault. I dunno. CLICK TO RECTIFY.

I also love giving Pure Drivel.

I give specific people specific stuff -- I gave someone Atlas Obscura last year -- but those are my go-tos for friends who haven't read them, people who I happen to need a gift for for some reason, that kind of thing. They're timeless, classic, hilarious, and shorts, which I think are easier than novels for people you don't know well.
And two books I've not met before.