Things have been so bleak these days. Throw me a bone here, AW.

A couple of weeks ago, at The Kid's annual physical, we got into a discussion with her pediatrician about school. A lot of The Kid's teachers have been bringing up QUILTBAG issues in class, having circle discussions with the students about it, offering to talk with kids outside of class if needed - basically proactively letting the kids know that no matter what was going on with them, they weren't alone. A number of the teachers have said explicitly if the kids want them to use different pronouns than they've been using, they can let the teacher know, publicly or privately.

Interestingly, there have been kids who have come out in these discussions. While the class seems to have its typical percentage of 8th grade jerks, The Kid reports general acceptance of the kids' declarations.

All in all - while the school has its flaws, I'm so glad they're doing this and being open about it. Things are frightening for a lot of children now, and as much as they're able the school is giving them a safe place to be themselves.

The best part was that The Kid's pediatrician says she has patients from all over the state, and she's hearing similar stories from so many of them. It seems, at least in places, that locally some people really are standing up and walking the walk.

Anybody else know of good things going on in their communities?