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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cekrit View Post
    l no way be in her tip top form less than 12 hours later.
    That's not a problem, she has a full 24 hours she can be out of whack to one degree or another, though after a couple is when I want her to start pulling herself gradually back together and start participating in what's going on, any longer than that and it probably suggests far worse a head injury than I want to assign to her.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cekrit View Post
    It is possible to get knockYou could also just make the recovery from the accident last the two hours you need by say, making her fall down a ditch with the car or off a small cliff and somehow surviving. The time it takes for her to get back to society might be better than starting her off with health concerns.
    Nah, they're completely on their owns for like 3 days and she's with him the whole time, I've already got plausible reasons set up for that, it's just the taking her out of the decisions for a while is what I need to figure out without damaging her too much or bending the laws of medical science.

    I also like how people trade punches back and forth in an orderly fashion when fighting in movies, and how gunshots to the shoulder are always "minor" injuries, and never cause permanent nerve, muscle or bone damage, fatal bleeding or send the bullet ricocheting somewhere critical like the heart or lungs.
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