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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    Hmmmm... all interesting stuff, I've got to think long and hard of how I play all that out, it doesn't need to be absolutely perfect but I want it fairly realistic and believable.

    They're on their own so getting her to an ER or any medical help for that matter is out of the question, though my male protag isn't stupid, under normal circumstances he wouldn't move her and immediately call an ambulance if it was possible, but regardless they're beyond help for a few days and leaving her in the car isn't a viable option.

    Point of having her "out cold" is I don't want her involved in any decisions for a while including stuff involving her own person or even being able to walk on her own, there are reasons this works for the story, she's not a passive person normally but I want my MP suddenly thrown in charge of everything including her. But I don't actually need her totally unconscious per se, perhaps having her "dazed and confused" for a while would serve the same purpose, just as long as she's not able to really understand what's going on. And I don't need her perfectly back to normal after a few hours, just "back in the game" so to speak, able to understand what's going on and ask/answer questions, and for realism I can probably throw in the occasional dizzy spell or vertigo without it altering things too much. And hours later after sleeping (figure 5 or 6 hours) I'd like her to be even more with it, able to walk and participate in things, though my MP would rather she just stay laying down as again he's not an idiot and knows she shouldn't be standing up.

    And I know what you mean about how ridiculous head injuries and being unconscious are often treated, like the cliche of "hit on the back of the head - out cold" cliche, as if such a blow couldn't cause serious injury or death, and the person always instantly pops awake like Michigan J Frog jumping up and dancing. You'd all love the book I'm reading now (title and author shall remain nameless), the female protag was completely out cold for like 12 hours and after maybe another 6 or so she's up violent attacking someone with full force.

    Also here's a weird question: How would this effect having a post traumatic flashback? I was thinking of having her suffer one as she starts to regain her senses and have it be pretty scary for the MP, he thinks it's due to her head injury though it's really not. Again, you'd have to know the story to understand why I'd have her do that, it would help set some things in motion.
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