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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    I've had plenty of concussions from sports and nave never vomited so that's believable. 8-10 hour recovery time is not realistic and the character should NOT sleep, she might not wake up. I am ignorant to the science behind why they shouldn't sleep but whenever I got one as a kid I was advised to stay awake as late as possible until I essentially crashed or pull an all-night thing, and my mum would check on me through the night which for the most part was just poking her head in and realizing I was still up playing videogames(which i shouldn't have been doing either. ) Dizziness and not being fully back to myself would persist through the week, so your character will no way be in her tip top form less than 12 hours later.

    It is possible to get knocked out without a concussion I believe. I don't imagine every fighter every KO'd has a concussion each time.

    I'm with MaeZe- I hate how in movies a non-forceful chop to the neck knocks out an apprentice as the master rushes into battle, or a little bump knocks someone out and leaves them helpless.

    I think an accident can knock someone out, or at least put them in a daze long enough to help your story.

    You could also just make the recovery from the accident last the two hours you need by say, making her fall down a ditch with the car or off a small cliff and somehow surviving. The time it takes for her to get back to society might be better than starting her off with health concerns.

    Also: the headaches through the week were terrible. I ended up getting enough concussions that I started to get chronic migraines and was put on a pretty heady medication for them. I'm talking mid sentence *blacks out* type effects. So be careful.
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