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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tornadoboy View Post
    I've got a female protag whom I need to be knocked out or at least completely dazed and only semi-conscious for about an hour or two, she bangs her head off her car door's window during a crash and is left with a knot above her ear. I don't want her too badly injured, but for the story I need this to happen.

    So here's my questions:

    - I know vomiting is common for people with concussions but I'd rather not have her do that given the situation, so I was wondering if it is believable that she wouldn't vomit having been hit hard enough to do what I described above?
    Leave it out, your readers won't care.

    - Is it believable to have her not bleed if she hit her head that hard?

    - Is it believable that she more or less could mostly return to normal within say 8 to 10 hours, sleeping a good portion of that time?
    If she's going to be really out for more than a couple minutes, then it's going to take more than 24 hours to be back to normal.

    And adding to what others said, being out for more than a few minutes is a very serious concussion.

    - What's the story with keeping people awake with concussions? I know they used to tell you not to let the person sleep, but isn't that just so as to watch for symptoms a serious brain injury? My male protag knows he's not in a position to do anything for her if she does have a serious problem, and I'm thinking of his logic being that if she was going to die from say a brain bleed or something that he'd rather it happen in her sleep.
    You let people sleep. You check on them at regular intervals to make sure they are not going into a coma which would happen with internal head bleeding. If you can't wake the person up, that's bad. But it's not like an overdose where you actually do keep the person awake to stimulate them to breathe.
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