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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tornadoboy View Post
    I've got a female protag whom I need to be knocked out or at least completely dazed and only semi-conscious for about an hour or two, she bangs her head off her car door's window during a crash and is left with a knot above her ear. I don't want her too badly injured, but for the story I need this to happen.

    So here's my questions:

    - I know vomiting is common for people with concussions but I'd rather not have her do that given the situation, so I was wondering if it is believable that she wouldn't vomit having been hit hard enough to do what I described above?

    - Is it believable to have her not bleed if she hit her head that hard?

    Those are immaterial -- bleeding occurs if you break blood vessels and/or the skin, has nothing to do with a closed head injury. The first q. is individual. Your larger problem is knocking someone out for AN HOUR OR TWO. That's likely a serious head injury. Someone was unconscious for an hour after a closed head injury I'd assume they're going to end up in ICU if they're lucky. If they're dazed for a couple of hours, that's not a concussion you're walking away from feeling fine either. You're going to be a good mess for a good while

    - Is it believable that she more or less could mostly return to normal within say 8 to 10 hours, sleeping a good portion of that time?

    No. Concussions don't disappear. You're talking about what sounds like a severe head injury though, so I dunno what to tell you but even a mild concussion might leave someone feeling ok that day or the next, but will come back to bite them in the ass.

    - What's the story with keeping people awake with concussions? I know they used to tell you not to let the person sleep, but isn't that just so as to watch for symptoms a serious brain injury? My male protag knows he's not in a position to do anything for her if she does have a serious problem, and I'm thinking of his logic being that if she was going to die from say a brain bleed or something that he'd rather it happen in her sleep.
    You're meant to keep someone awake and/or wake them every couple of hours so that if they did suffer a more serious injury than was apparent, they don't slip into a coma or drop dead while asleep, because, say, they have a bleed that depresses respiration and basic function. Someone who was unconscious for an hour, or anything close, is in a hospital.

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