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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    Heh. Okay, let's see. Again, this is just from personal family experience, so take with grain of salt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tornadoboy View Post
    So here's my questions:

    - I know vomiting is common for people with concussions but I'd rather not have her do that given the situation, so I was wondering if it is believable that she wouldn't vomit having been hit hard enough to do what I described above? Yep, as per my previous answer.

    - Is it believable to have her not bleed if she hit her head that hard? You mention in your followup response that the car rolls a couple of times. Not sure how easy it would be to walk away from that without scraping up a bit there, but I could see it, maybe? As to the head injury itself, that I could believe. I've also seen a concussion from smacking one's head against a cement pillar, crashing into the pavement, etc. and no bleeding. (*sigh* don't ask)

    - Is it believable that she more or less could mostly return to normal within say 8 to 10 hours, sleeping a good portion of that time? Depends on how bad the concussion is, when it sets in, etc. If she rests her brain -- meaning avoiding tv, music, computer, anything that would tax her mental faculties -- It also might depend on whether she's had a concussion before. General rule of thumb seems to be a couple of days before you're really back to 'normal', though you may continue to experience side effects for longer like fuzzy thinking, being extra tired, headaches, concentration problems, noise sensitivity, etc. From personal experience, I'd still question her judgement and ability to fully function any less than 24 hours after. And if you actually have her lose consciousness, that could imply a more severe injury.

    - What's the story with keeping people awake with concussions? I know they used to tell you not to let the person sleep, but isn't that just so as to watch for symptoms a serious brain injury? My male protag knows he's not in a position to do anything for her if she does have a serious problem, and I'm thinking of his logic being that if she was going to die from say a brain bleed or something that he'd rather it happen in her sleep. Again, don't quote me because not doctor, but it's to monitor the person for signs of a more serious brain injury. If they show more severe symptoms (repeated vomiting, dilated pupils, trouble walking, can't carry a conversation), that could be a sign they've suffered more severe trauma. Otherwise, rest is okay and recommended. Not much you can do other than rest, both physically and mentally.
    Hope this helps.

    ETA: Cross posted with KitKit - my personal family crash dummy was also t-boned and hit the roof of the car. Like Kitkit, they were babbling a storm and pretty out of it when pulled out of the car. Memories are pretty sketchy for that entire time period. Unfortunately, they ended up with post concussion syndrome, which is why I can't really answer your recovery time. But I fell on the ice last year and smacked my head on the pavement - ended up with a 'light' concussion and it was still about 3 days until I was back to normal.
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