This happened to me. I was t-boned in an intersection. I was doing a left turn (in a Ford Ranger) and an SUV ran the red light and hit the back of my truck at about 40-45 miles an hour, ripping the wheel off the rear axle. He rolled, his trailer detached and smashed the front of my truck, and I spun off into a signal post. Don't remember any of it, because my head hit the side window. I briefly came to, couldn't see well because my glasses fell off, and found people banging on my passenger-side window asking if I could open the door (I had manual locks and the light pole was pressed against the driver side door). I passed out again but apparently got the door open because the next thing I recall was being put on a gurney and rolled into the ambulance. Reading my accident report is kinda a hoot because I was apparently talking to the cop but had no idea where I was or what I was doing (except I said I needed lightbulbs) and I don't remember any our conversation. I couldn't tell the EMTs who was president or how old I was.

I was in the hospital for about 4 hours. In and out of it for most of triage and the CT scan. After a few hours I was pretty aware again and finally started feeling pain (that's when they gave me morphine). Was very dizzy when I tried to stand but didn't throw up until about 12 hours later (and that might have been from the pain meds).

In addition to a very tender head (I didn't bleed) I had seat belt burns on my neck and an epic bruise on my thigh from where it also apparently hit the door.