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Thread: Questions about concussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiddlywinks View Post
    I know from personal family experience that not all people vomit upon receiving a concussion. In fact, said person has never vomited, and they've had multiple concussions, both mild and severe.

    As to the bleeding, I can't attest to that part. Would she have hit the window hard enough to crack it? In which case, she might be cut. Said person mentioned above was once in a car accident and actually slammed their head into the roof of the car. No bleeding. (Again, concussion) For that to work, though, you'd need to think about the angle of the accident and impact.

    Just personal experience - I'm not in a medical profession
    Note: I just edited and expanded my questions right as you replied, so I've got a few more questions now.

    I'd rather not have her bleed or be seriously injured so having her smash the window with her head would probably be too suggestive of a really bad injury, so I want to avoid that if it's plausible. The car rolls a few times, though it's down a hill and not from momentum so it wouldn't be too violent, but having her head hit the roof would be plausible.

    The mechanics of the crash is them sliding backwards down a steep hill during a severe blizzard, car rolling a few times, smashing off of trees until the car finally smashes her side into a particularly solid tree which caves in the passenger's back door behind her. She also ends up with a sprained shoulder on that side.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brightdreamer View Post
    My mother had a concussion from a stair fall some years ago, which didn't set in until some time later. She had terrible dizziness/vertigo for days, but no vomiting, and no bleeding from the bump on her head.

    So it's possible to have a concussion without vomiting or without a bleeding head bump... and the symptoms of concussion can be delayed by hours.

    If you just want her badly rattled, enough to make her stunned/disconnected for a while (but not actually concussed), you could probably do that, too; not all head bumps lead to drastic complications.
    I need her to pretty much be unaware, unable to stand, walk and pretty much have no understanding of what's going on for a while, in other words in a complete semi-conscious daze like she's almost asleep, again a couple hours would be convenient. Think "someone so drunk they can't stand, can only mumble incoherently and keeps passing out"
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