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This. And it's no joke.

Quite a few years back I wrote a novel just for fun about a media mogul who triggers the Second Coming via various machinations from the shadows. I did a ton of research about what the radical evangelicals think of this stuff, and it is frightening. The Jerusalem move fits the playbook *exactly.* If people start talking about returned prophets and perfect red heifers, run for the hills.

By the way, my novel was satire. This was back when I thought people couldn't be this gullible and ruthless in real life. (*sob*)

On the bright side, at least according to my story, the forces of Good/God were having none of it, and refused to be pushed around by a bunch of self-proclaimed "Christians." If this thing was ever published, I'm sure the death threats would just roll in....
Problem is, this group had voting rights, and they use them. Others have used their support, but a creature like Trump, knows no boundaries, none at all. To risk peace in the middle-east so he could tie in this group, is beyond the pale.

But it's not just this group. The 'intellectual' component of the GOP, eg Paul Ryan, subscribe to an equally 'Perfect Utopia' End fairytale - in their case it's Ayn Rand's gibberish. All End justifies the Means adherents, are very, very scary, from a sociopolitical standpoint, from wherever they arise.