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Thread: Driving the neighbours nuts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmhbob View Post
    Downsizing cars, especially to something considered a "budget" brand. Over here, trading the Benz for a used Cadillac or even shudder a Mercury.
    Related: selling off luxury toys such as 4-wheelers (you call them quads, I think), boats, golf clubs, etc.

    Also, there is a culture of wealth that outsiders don't always catch on to. I ask myself what a $1000 pair of sunglasses will do for me that a $30 pair won't. Someone familiar with wealth culture wouldn't have to ask, and will immediately recognize my $30 pair as being a $30 pair. There's also some stereotypical values regarding social interactions, hospitality and other norms that are instantly recognized as middle or lower class. An imitator would have difficulty knowing what they are doing wrong. Maybe that could give you some leads.

    ETA: Ah ha! I found a a table I was looking for on this blog. Scroll about halfway down to the Hidden Rules table. I don't knkw how well the research has held up, but the generalities seem accurate.
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