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Thread: Driving the neighbours nuts!

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    Driving the neighbours nuts!

    Hello, lovely people of AW!

    Disclaimer: This is for literary use, not real life.

    Pretty please can you get your "twisted" hats on for this?

    Setting: Modern day village/nice suburb - not quite decided yet. Friendly place - will be in the UK, but worldwide ideas welcome.

    Unpleasant family move into a quiet street. Not noisy, etc., although the adults (married couple?) are controlling, interfering and think they own the area, etc. Nouveau Riche types, maybe? Flaunting their wealth, which may not be quite as vast as they'd have people believe (I'm thinking finances are tight behind closed doors due to potentially failing previously successful business/shaky work prospects/threat of redundancy and other hidden issues linked to this). Rude to locals, refuse to believe they're the problem, etc.
    Locals quickly get hacked off and decide they want rid.


    1). What subtle signs might indicate financial belt tightening? The more random, the better!

    2). Hit me with your ideas for how these people can be made to feel they have no option but to move on (assuming the possible financial stuff doesn't get rid of them first). It needs to be underhand, insidious stuff - preferably legal but hey, this is fiction, so illegal with little chance of being rumbled is open to consideration. Psychological manipulation (gaslighting?) in addition to untraceable physical methods could work.

    Big thanks in anticipation/advance!

    LPH. x
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