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Thread: Driving the neighbours nuts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightdreamer View Post
    On the second bit, do you have HOAs (homeowner associations) where your story is set? They can get rather restrictive and petty; I could see neighbors using that to harass or annoy neighbors they didn't like, sending anonymous complaints about grass that's a quarter-inch too high for regulation, an asymmetrical hedge that would take a ruler to determine it's out of whack, an "eyesore" complaint about a cheaper car they've had to downgrade to, or the impossible-to-prove-after-the-fact generic "noise complaint"... A particularly calculating HOA agent could take this to the level of gaslighting, getting the family to turn on each other. "What do you mean you didn't have your friends over Friday night? Someone complained about the noise!"

    If mail isn't in a locked box, swiping mail would be a petty form of harassment. Or stuffing their box with everyone else's junk circulars. Or anonymous messages dropped in the slot.
    For general UK information - homeowners associations are quite rare. A friend once moved into a new estate (nice 3 bed detached houses, not mansions at all), dug up a bush she hated in the front garden, repainted the front door in a colour she liked better, and a couple of days later there was a knock on the door. Lady announcing she was the chair of the homeowners association and it was not permitted to change the colour of the door or to remove the bush. (Planning permission by the way can specify the colour of paint and be enforced by the local council if there are enough complaints, but there was nothing in friends planning permission.) After initially thinking the whole thing a practical joke, the conversation finished up with telling the chair where to stick it. She had several more complaints, but as the colour and the bush weren't listed in the planning permission, the homeowners association had no comeback. After a couple of months, most of the other houses in the street changed their gardens and door colours and no more was heard of the home owners association.

    The norm in the UK is letter boxes, not mail boxes. Particularly in new estates, villages, suburbs. You do get some mail boxes - houses with long drives may have a mail box at the gate, you sometimes have mailboxes in really windy areas where you don't want a letterbox in the front door because it will be blown open.
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