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Thread: Driving the neighbours nuts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Los Pollos Hermanos View Post

    I can also believe the not-very-subtle racism exists. I live in a small, very white village and anyone who isn't of WASP extraction would probably stand out... but I wouldn't be bothered as long as they're nice people, and I'd say pretty much everyone else would think the same. Sadly, there's probably the odd bigot in the mix though.
    While racism certainly exists in all social classes in the UK, there's an awful lot of classism and cases of people being made to feel unwelcome because of being working class (based on accent and other indicators of social class).

    Why does the term "nouveau riche" even exist? To me it means "it doesn't matter how much money you earn, you'll never be one of us because you're working class". Not that I have anywhere enough money to be considered anything other than regular, poor, working class though...
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