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Or, just possibly, Franken is the victim of a witch hunt. Just sayin'.
Possibly, though there are enough allegations coming out, including the pictures, that it's hard to believe all are fake or concocted.

Is what he's accused of "as bad" as what Roy Moore is accused of? No. Most of us would agree that groping minors is a special kind of disgusting--not only an abuse of power and disrespectful, but sick. But it's still wrong, and it's made him a liability. Do we want to be waiting for the other shoe to drop over the upcoming weeks, months and years?

And the Democrats do need to take the moral high ground here. They're the party that still appeals more to women overall, and they're the party that is supposed to be about protecting the rights and promoting the equality of marginalized groups. They're the party about changing traditional power structures. I'm sick of conservative friends saying "What about Bill Clinton?" or "What about Al Franken?" when I mention how angry I am about having a self-confessed sexual predator in the white house (of course, the sex crimes are only one of a long list of reasons I think Trump is the most unfit-to-serve POTUS we've ever had).

And, sadly, while this is happening the GOP is quietly trying to enact more legislation that will hurt women.