It actually makes me less prone to support the dems. I'm so fucking done with this 'but we're not going to make a recess appointment because that's not the process,' 'we should resign because we believe all women,' 'we're...' crap that results in Neil Gorsuch, who this week put forth the argument that perhaps requiring managers to explain non-discrimination law to employees was a First Amendment violation.

There are no brownie points for this; there is only Neil Gorsuch. If you're in a fight and someone keeps kicking you in the groin, it really isn't going to help to stand there and keep saying, 'I won't hit below the belt.' At some point, sweep their knees out and stomp them into submission or end up stomped yourself. Fights are not always fair, and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. Obama was a loser because he was convinced fighting fair was the thing to do, no matter what. Here we are.

I am wildly angry -- at Gillibrand.