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Thread: Al Franken Is Toast

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    Don't we all?

    The only ones happy Al Franken is bailing are the enemies of everything good and right and decent Al Franken stood for and championed. And yeah, right about now playing by the rules, trying to be a decent human being and not stooping to conquer does seem like a sucker's game.

    How many times do you have to get kicked in the nuts before it becomes obvious the only one playing the game fair is you and you keep losing the game and they keep cheating and playing unfair and all you get is the warm tingly sensation of sore nuts?

    Even if you don't have nuts, nobody likes a kick in the privates. Right, Dalia Lithwick?

    I don't feel sorry for Al Franken. I feel sorry for the people Al Franken could have and would have helped had he been able to keep his fucking hands and tongue to himself. He couldn't and he didn't and he's gone and yeah, that sucks but actions have consequences. He was stupid and he was selfish and now he's gone.

    But Franken isn't the only loser here. Progressive politics took a big hit and as Lithwick notes with bitterness the Democrats have staked out a zero tolerance position. It's high-minded. It stakes out the moral high ground. Does it win elections? Maybe not. How many voters list being a notorious, predatory sexual beast as a deal breaker when choosing a candidate? Go down to Alabama and ask those folks.

    I'm not mad at Kristen Gillebrand or Kamala Harris or Patty Murray or Claire McCaskill or Maggie Hassan or Maize Hirono for calling on Franken to step aside. I'm not mad at the other Democratic senators that joined in and echoed their sentiment.

    What I'm mad about is I didn't think I'm more moral or ethical or decent or responsible than your typical Republican, but apparently I am because the shit that bothers me doesn't bother them at all, and I am more moral, ethical, decent and responsible than your typical Republican who supports pigs who grab women by their private parts and screws teenage girls.

    I should have known it all along, but I didn't and boy, does that annoy the shit out of me. Mostly because it buys me absolutely nothing.
    This perfectly encapsulates how I feel about the whole mess and which I wasn't able to put into words.

    I have one hope. It's faint, perhaps naive, but it's something.

    I hope the quiet ones are watching.

    We've all been in a situation at one time or another where someone was being horrible and obnoxious and someone else steps up and shuts them down. In that situation, there are always people who stayed out of it, people who, for one reason or another, chose to tolerate the jackass rather than confront them. Yet those people were also bothered by the behavior, and when it gets shut down, even if they never say a word, they feel a vicious satisfaction combined with admiration for the person who stepped up.

    I think, I believe, that just as there were silent Trump voters during the election, there are silent onlookers now. They're watching the US degrade with each passing day and thinking, "I can't personally do anything to fix this, but someone should do something."

    If we were in a bar right now, these sexual predators would be drunken asshats. Republicans are joining in with theirs, hollering, brawling, peeing on the toilet seat lid and, of course, harassing women. Democrats are kicking theirs out, or at their kindest, saying, "Dude, you've had enough to drink. Let's get you home."

    And maybe the other folks in the bar aren't saying a word... but they're watching, and if they had to pick one group to hang out with moving forward, well, I'd like to think that the bulk of them won't choose the asshats.

    ...of course, I've been proven wrong before.
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