The GOP has been weaponizing the key features that make a liberal a liberal since the Reagan era. Empathy, fair-mindedness, the idea that government is for the people. Like anyone looking to build a nuke, it's been taking time. They've watched, learned, tested, gradually increased power, range. They got Citizens United. 20 five- and six-year-olds were gunned down at school when democrats had control of the presidency and they made sure not even a whiff of gun control legislation was discussed. When McConnell blocked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, that was the final test. They knew then that liberals could do nothing to fight for their positions that didn't contraindicate with their core values. If they did, that, too, would be weaponized.

When you're dealing with people who are willing to forsake every last ounce of morality, norms, and decency for power, there isn't much to be done if you don't want to get dragged into the mire. The GOP is willing to bomb liberals into submission and there's absolutely no one who will, or can, stop them. They own the court, gerrymandering will ensure they will continue to own congress, and give them a leg up on the presidential election process.

If you're willing to sell your own soul, you don't bloody care about anyone else's, that's for sure.