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Thread: Al Franken Is Toast

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaunHorton View Post
    Regarding the first accusation he received, didn't Tweeden accept his apology and state that she didn't want him to step down?
    She definitely said that she accepted his apology. I remember that, because my thought when I read it was: it doesn't necessarily mean anything that she accepts his apology, and I wish journalists would note that context with her statement.

    She might have felt she had to publicly accept his apology because of how much she's getting trolled and harassed by some liberals, Franken fans, and the trolls who come after any woman who speaks up for herself online.

    That is, she might have accepted his apology to try to feel safer. It's also likely that people who are upset about her speaking up are contacting her workplace, and her job and ability to earn a living are at risk.
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