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Thread: Al Franken Is Toast

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    Nope. Not buying into this. Not even for one second. You don't beat evil by being just as or more evil and sexual harassment IS evil.

    I cannot get behind any mantra of "the End Justifies the Means" because if I have to violate everything I stand for to "win" I've whored myself out for something as fleeting and meaningless as a momentary fling with power. (snip).
    Quote Originally Posted by Alessandra Kelley View Post
    The Republican party collectively and individually sold its soul and abandoned any principles it once had to grasp for for power a long time since.

    I do not care to see the Democratic party do the same.

    I genuinely believe that no mere temporary political advantage is ever worth abandoning virtue, decency, and justice for.
    Quote Originally Posted by eqb View Post
    I am 100% with you.
    I also agree 100%

    Post 9 expands upon my earlier comment.

    As I say, what the new approach might be, I don't know. But something is needed. Something that is both true, ethical, and politically effective.

    Unless 'truth' and politics are impossible bedfellows, though I doubt that.

    ETA. It occurs to me posting in this particular thread, ie a thread about Al Franken's actions might have give rise to misinterpretation of my first post. I actually thought I was posting in the Big Shoe Alabama Race thread (so darn many!). The gist of what I said remains the same, but it isn't aimed at this specific event.
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