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Thread: Al Franken Is Toast

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    I have refrained from commenting on Franken (with one exception) because my POV differs from that generally being expressed here.

    If you are falsely accused, you are damned if you say so because you look like you are being a jerk to the accusers. If you say I don't remember it that way and I'm sorry, then you are damned because that makes everyone assume the reports are true.

    What reports do we have? A number of women who thought his photo hug was too touchy feely. I'm not impressed. He didn't grab pussies, I don't know if those butt grabs were sexual or just friendly photo hugs as Franken says they were.

    We have one woman who says he grabbed her breast but the photo shows nothing of the kind. All of these incidents were in full view of tons of people.

    We have the woman who claims he demanded a kiss. He denies it.

    And we have Tweeden who asserts his wanting to rehearse a skit was a ploy. That could just as easily be true as not. The tongue could be true or not, he has not denied it as forcefully as an innocent person would be expected to but then you have that 'damned if you deny it' problem.

    As for the fake grope joke, it was on a USO tour for Pete's sake. It's not groping a sleeping woman, it's fake. He's a comedian. He apologized for the tasteless joke. It's not slut shaming if I tell you that Tweeden surprise gropes other entertainers on stage. It's simply showing what the atmosphere on a USO tour is like.


    Those are also jokes. USO tours are full of sexual innuendo jokes. It was Bob Hope's signature schtick.

    Big mistake, the fake grope joke wasn't on stage. I just find it difficult to get all that upset about these accusations which simply don't (at this point) fit the sexual predator profile.

    I do hope Franken either confirms the kissing and butt groping or states clearly that while he respects the accusers, they have it wrong.
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