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I want both Democrats and Republicans to be consistent, and condemn sexual harassment. Let the crime dictate the punishment, whether it be censure, calling for voluntary resignation, or expelling. If Al Franken has been an abuser and should go? Then so should Trump, and Moore shouldn't be elected.
That is indeed a problem. Certainly sexual impropriety as well as other forms of corruption are not limited to any one party. But if one party is diligent in following up and rooting out even the most minor of offenses, where as the other party refuses to take action on even the most egregious cases, the end result will be a consolidation of power for those who do nothing.

For one party to say "we're not going to do anything about it because the other party won't do anything either" doesn't seem to be the kind of "solution" that is even faintly acceptable.

On the other hand, grabbing the moral high ground and losing all chance of influencing important policy doesn't seem like a great idea either.

The ideal of course, would be for voters to recognize the difference between the attitudes of the two parties and make their displeasure known by voting accordingly. Right now, that's nothing but a wistful fantasy.