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Thread: Al Franken Is Toast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alessandra Kelley View Post
    I cannot accept a world where the answer to unethical brutish behavior is to equally take it up.
    Me neither.

    But some ethically sound effective philosophical framework is badly needed.

    ETA. To expand upon the point I am making.

    Trumpites believe The End justifies the Means. That because the End is so powerful, so perfect, so glorious, that it will wash away the follies and moral weight of the Means. I don't believe this to be true. The End is , to me, a product of the Means. The two are inseparable.

    But the End justifies the Means, is an incredibly powerful mantra in the sociopolitical sphere. It allows for any action. ANY action. As long at the End objective is met.

    Truth to Power, which to me, could be said to sum up the approach of the Left, is, i feel , to weak a response to The End is justified by the Means. (or Means is justified by the End)

    What that new approach is, I don't know. But one is i believe, badly needed.

    There is an argument, that it's too soon to call the outcome. That current events will soon pass, and all will be well again. But Trump is the symptom, not the disease. He's a current expression, of something which has burned for a long time.

    The article below is an interesting take on Truth to Power. (Coined by the Quakers apparently) It's an effective approach to many areas. But against The End justifies the Means, it's like a daisy hitting a tank.

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