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It hurts a little more when its a fall from grace instead of resorting to type.
This is very true.

The unfair part is that when someone in the GOP is accused of grossly sexist, demeaning behavior towards women, there will be people who adhere to the party line that won't see anything especially wrong with such conduct. After all, to traditionalists (and while not everyone in the GOP is a traditionalist, the party does court the traditionalist vote) women who brazenly put themselves out there in the "man's world" of public life should expect such treatment. Mike Pence refuses to ever be alone with women, because he can't trust himself to behave respectfully, after all.

So a Republican who gropes and harasses is going to be seen by many Republicans as a guy being a guy, tempted by all those women who insist on putting themselves in his past. There have even been comments of approval re guys like this proving, at least, that they are straight.

The Democrats, on the other hand, make a point of insisting that they are the party of inclusiveness and that they're about, at least in part, changing the traditional power structures in society. So when a Democrat is exposed as a harasser, it's going to be much more bothersome to the party's base. Sticking with a harasser, even if he's done good things for women on a legislative level, will be seen as hypocritical in a way it isn't for the GOP.

Unless, somehow, Republicans can be reminded that such behavior is hardly in line with the party's stance on Christian values either. Clearly this is a dead horse, though. The religious right voted en masse for Trump, so they aren't that fussed by much-divorced, pussy-grabbing sleazebags who are not poster children for family values.