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Thread: Al Franken Is Toast

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    I don't want him to resign, for a few reasons, chief among them, yeah, basically, I'm done with this shit. Obama tried the whole being fair, coming to the table and thinking if he operated in good faith it'd be returned in kind thing (which Hillary warned him against), and look where it got us.

    Trump is where he is. Roy Moore is about to be elected, and 71% of republicans in his state believe the allegations against him to be false.

    I happen to think some of the allegations against Franken are suspect, but probably not all. None of them are anywhere near the level of the pervasive, outright abuse that Moore and Trump are alleged and have confessed to have engaged in (respectively). Members of the Republican party have outright said the allegations aside, they want Moore's vote.

    Well, I want Franken's vote, I want his unrelenting questioning of people in chambers, I want him in the Senate. Do I think it's ok he took a stupid picture and put his hand on someone or kissed someone against her will? No.

    Is that the only thing going on here? No.

    I just called my senator, who has called for his resignation -- the staffer said they are tallying, and have gotten "a lot of calls on this issue from people who feel as you do."

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