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Thread: Trump shrinks Utah monuments in historic move

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    Trump shrinks Utah monuments in historic move

    Thing is, all the damage Trump is doing, isn't coming from his 'ideology' per se. Because, he doesn't have one. I would assume he's taking bribes, (well hidden, of course), otherwise, why bother, with this and the rest of the dismantling of the environment? Again, he has no ideology. None. He eats big Macs, drinks coke, does coke, and bullies others. His thoughts don't wander beyond that.

    Although, not many presidents would risk the numerous backlashes, to sign off on this , and his other craziness. So, him gone would be better (and Pence, who is Donnie#2, but with some brains)

    Thankfully the clothing company Patagonia is gonna sue the govt to stop this madness. Could be an important rallying point. (One of many, probably)

    from CNN
    "Bears Ears National Monument, Utah (CNN)If only the rocks could talk.

    If only the sandstones could sing, imagine the stories they'd tell, of dinosaurs, mammoth hunters and the "ancient ones" known as the Anasazi.
    All roamed southern Utah over the eons, long before Native Americans struggled to hold their land against Mormon settlers, modern life and now, Donald Trump."
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