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Thread: Charcoal drawing + water = indistinguishable smudge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benbenberi View Post
    If they have a little time, it's not that hard to make ink out of charcoal -- it just requires heating it with water and a bit of vinegar. Google has a bunch of recipes, you could try it for yourself!
    Sounds very interesting, thanks! However, I'm pretty sure there's no water pipes. (At least I think so, I've yet to do some research on that.) And since it's a rather spontaneous idea, the character wouldn't really go out (at night and in the freezing cold, mind you) to get some water just to draw.

    Also, I just tried some charcoal on fabric and on paper. I used a compressed charcoal pencil, "raw" charcoal probably has a different effect. And guess what, we were all kinda wrong.

    The rag has a pretty rough structure (as you can see), but it's cotton and it's only that rough because it's been used so much.And (as you can see) it didn't work at all, LOL. I pressed the pencil down really hard and had to work a line several times for it to be even as slightly visible as it is now.

    Then I tried it on some printer paper. I folded it and held it into water for a minute or so and that's what it looked like afterwards.

    I even crumpled it, wrung it out, and unfolded it again and it still looked about the same. But again, the pencil was compressed coal, the cloth was cotton and very worn out, and the paper was printer paper, so the actual milage may vary.

    I think I'm going with the pyrography. Thanks to everyone for the help!
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