So, let's say, one person would spontaneously decide to make a drawing. And because it's so spontaneous they would take an ordinary piece of charcoal from a fireplace and make said drawing on an ordinary piece of fabric--probably linen or some rather cheap fabric, nothing too fancy. And let's say that, afterwards, they'd fold that piece-of-fabric-made-drawing and keep it on their person, though, unfortunately, they'd get into a situation where they, including everything on them, including the folded-up drawing, gets soaked through and through with very cold salt water. What would happen to the drawing? If the person would let it dry and then unfold it, would it look like it did before?

If not, what could the author do to preserve that drawing, keeping in mind that (1) the aforementioned person doesn't know yet that they'll get soaked through and through with very cold salt water, including the drawing, until the immediate occurrence of that event, and (2) the event in which said person gets soaked through and through with cold salt water is inevitable?

Thanks in advance for any help!