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Thread: Time's "Person of the Year" 2017

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    Time's "Person of the Year" 2017

    Time announces it's annual "Person of the Year" early in December. Donald Trump wants it for a second straight year, but on his own terms.

    I realize that impact, whether positive or negative, is part of mix. Hitler and Trump have won and both, in my opinion, have had impacts not unlike an army of roaches, termites, and tapeworms.

    Groups have won in the past. Although my vote doesn't count, this year's winner should be "Women Who Spoke Truth to Power". Included would be those in the march that put Trump inauguration numbers to shame. Those who told bastards like Roy Moore that their days of groping, sexual assault, and stalking are over, those who refused to be bullied, and those who put school boards on notice that they would not accept bullying of their children.

    Who would be your choice?
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    Congressional Republicans are a semi-"courageous" lot. They have no fear of voters, but shake in their boots at the very thought of the NRA or Grover Norquist.

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