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Thanks, I'll check it out! I was just looking at Hornblower Cruises' website and there's this one, which will fit my needs nicely (with a name change, of course!) https://www.hornblower.com/port/yacht/sf+13 I just wish I could get some details about the belowdecks area--I don't think calling them up and asking them ("I'm a writer and I want to blow up a boat like yours! Can you tell me about your engine room?") would get me too far.
If you do an image search and look at the stern, you will find that it isn't a true paddle boat. The paddle isn't driven, it just catches the top of the water to give a turning effect. Several of those were built as cruise boats and floating casinos. The engine room is likely near the stern under the floor deck, and probably has a couple of small diesels driving propellers.

You're in San Jose, close enough to take a drive up the 101 to the City where you might be able to come on board for a quick tour during down time.