I want to have a scene on one of those harbor/bay cruise boats (like the Blue and Gold or Red and White Fleet in San Francisco) but their websites and a Google search aren't giving me the info I need.

Ideally, I'd like to have a layout/plan of a large example of one of these boats (one with at least a couple hundred capacity--more if possible). The events are supposed to take place during a Fourth of July dinner/fireworks cruise in the San Francisco Bay.

I also need info about the mechanical works of the boat--how big is the area where the engines are, what's there, etc? I want my antagonist, who works for the cruise company, to plant explosives in the lower deck, with a plan to blow up the boat and sink it. The guy will have magic on his side helping to conceal him and make him difficult to find, but ideally I'd like him to plant his explosives in places that would be hard to find too but do maximum damage.

Can any one help me out? Thanks in advance!