MANPADS are a pain in the butt everywhere. Fortunately the number of them available are coming down steadily. The US has bought a bunch of them back. Small arms fire is a risk anywhere in a war zone, so flying a certain height is always a good idea. You forgot to mention getting clearance to fly from the various air forces in the area. That area has a lot of people flying in jets who'd love to shot you down if they can come up with an excuse. Another little problem for my character to solve.

I think the approach here would be to get down to the deck below the horizon and come in the last couple of miles on the deck at speed. But since my character is paying the pilot to be old and wise and won't be on the helicopter, I don't have to worry about this.

Thanks for making sure I mention the MANPADS. My character is well aware of the Stinger problems in Afghanistan and is selling missiles he says are a lot more reliable then those Stingers were.

Jim Clark-Dawe