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Children of Blood And Bone is definitely poised to be the next huge thing, at least by publisher expectations. But what publishers expect is not always what happens. Like they spent TONS of money on The 5th Wave when it came out, expecting it to be the next Twilight/Hunger Games (including a big movie deal). And it did well (I loved that book tbh) but with 750k in just marketing budget... it never reached the heights they expected. The movie stalled, not signed on for any sequels, the sequels to the books kind of dwindled. It was never the big franchise they were hoping for.

That's because the audiences choose what it falls for, not the publishers/marketers. Even they can't anticipate those trends, or force them.
Eh, yes and no. There were a couple of glaring factors that I thought contributed to The 5th Wave tanking.

1. I generally keep abreast of the best-sellers in YA and MG, and The 5th Wave had nowhere near the same amount of fans as THG or Divergent or even The Maze Runner. When it came out, a lot of my friends had never even heard of the book, but by the time the THG and Divergent movies came out, basically errrrbody had read the books. So the pool was a lot smaller to begin with, which means for the movie to be successful, it can’t just rely on the success of the book. It had to be good, which leads me to #2...

2. The movie sucked. Holy balls, did it ever suck. I was looking forward to it because I like Chloe Grace Moretz, but damn. Formulaic, predictable story. Tepid acting. And the special effects, jaysus. So I’m not surprised that it stalled. My friend said, “I was looking forward to a scifi movie, but it yurned out to be a YA Romance, and a shitty one at that.”

So yeah, I agree with you that audiences choose the trends, but I think it also depends on quality. Publishers/Hollywood/marketers can’t churn out mediocre content (I’m not saying The 5th Wave book was mediocre...but the movie...yeah) and expect it to be the next big thing.

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Agreed. Though I really, really hope diversity isn't treated like a trend that fades away after a while.

THE HATE U GIVE is doing incredibly well, has made a ton of money, and has a huge presence. The movie is currently being made. And the upcoming movie for SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA seems to be getting a lot of buzz.

I will be very surprised if CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE doesn't do super well. I think non-Western, non-white fantasy is going to be the next big trend.
Agreed! I want more stuff like Pixar’s Coco...(I know it’s MG, but I only just recently watched it so it’s very much on my mind) More non-Western, diverse fantasy. I would read the hell out of a fantasy based on an African country, or India, or a Middle-Eastern country, or Mongolia, or or or Latin America...I would also read the hell out of a Western fantasy with diverse characters. And yeah, I hope it won’t be a trend so much as a permanent addition.