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Thread: Best Small/Medium Presses

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    Big places often need agents, though, adn even those with slushpiles it's easy enough to get overlooked :/

    I can't get an agent but have found smaller presses more willing to consider.

    For SFF, I submitted to Edge and got a full request (ultimately turned down, for reasons I won't list here). They were very kind for the whole process.

    Newcon Press were great; still pending, probable refusal though, I reckon. They're not generally open to submissions, however.

    Kensington have a full and but it's ebook only for SFF from them (though I'd still take that). Kensington are one of the biggest indies I think.

    Angry Robot have a current open sub window (I'll try them too).

    Owl Hollow are newish but were also kind (another full request ending in refusal, for me).

    Tartarus, if you write the right kind of thing.

    Pyr accept some submissions. Pyr, Daw, and Tor are next on my list to accrue rejections from, after Angry Robot :-) Then trunk, finish series, and self publish in four years' time. But DAW and TOR are not small or indie so I'm not "counting" those in the indie list.
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