Okay, I have a character that was in a car accident and I need to make sure her condition is realistic.
She has a large cut on her forehead, a long, deep cut on her left forearm, three broken ribs, and a partially collapsed (but not punctured) lung.
She is unconscious right away and it's very important to the plot that she remains so for about 2-3 days (2 and a half, roughly).

My current thought is that a combination of blood loss and pain medication would keep her pretty out of it. Also possible sedatives when she first gets to the hospital to give her lung a chance to heal. Is that reasonable?
She's not in a coma, because she wakes up for a few minutes at a time, enough to make eye contact/say a few words, but doesn't remember any of it. Her brother describes it as "“You were out for two and a half days. On and off I guess, but you weren't really awake when you were awake, you know?”

My biggest concern is the cut on her arm. It has 15 stitches, and I want to know where to place it so that her condition for those days lines up, but without her losing any of her arm/hand function.