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Thread: gas lines, access tunnels and explosives - 19th century

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    gas lines, access tunnels and explosives - 19th century

    Okay, so I have would-be terrorists attempting to blow up a mansion and/or poison the inhabitants in early 1870s New York City. They do not have access to the house itself to place a bomb, but they are using a construction site either on the same block or across the street. Both sites are built with gas lighting and indoor toilets. Would there be access tunnels under the street for the pipes? I know the steam pipe system did not exist yet.

    I don't need a huge amount of detail, just enough for an associate they bragged to to discover and foil the attempt, preferrably without involving the police.

    I'm thinking them causing a gas leak and then trying to ignite it may be more plausible, though there's a bizarre charm in the idea of them trying to float a crate of nitroglycerine in the sewer....
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