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I have a similar question. I'm a newbie so I can't post a new thread. I have a modern earth-based sf novel where a character gets stabbed in the abdomen/chest area and this should keep him immobile for a long time. 1 1/2 weeks in artificial coma (blood loss) and then for weeks he really can't move, has a catheter etc...

Would infection complications achieve this? maybe it doesn't need to be too gory!

Guy gets minor stab wound, goes to non-trauma center ER and they bandage him up and sends him home. His wound gets infected, goes back to second rate ER, they send him home with Cipro, cipro doesn't work and he becomes septic, goes into shock, needs to be put on a ventilator. (Which requires a sedation in the short term.) One of the complications of sepsis is encephalopathy, which can linger in some patients. It's uncommon, but not rare for patients who develop spetic shock to not form memories for a week or more. The average length of stay for septic shock is eight days, which is a lot in today's era.