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Thread: GOP Tax Plan and Graduate Student Stipends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twick View Post
    Well, there have been a number of dictators recently who turned out not to have bolt-holes, or at least aren't prepared to use them.

    Political fortunes can turn on a dime, and the more money and less lawfulness involved, the more Game of Thronesish it becomes. I suspect it's really hard for someone who's ruler of all they survey at 9 am to realize at 3 pm they have to abandon everything and run for it.
    I also don't understand why, if they know they're pissing off the masses enough to revolt, that they don't, um, tone things down a bit. What's better, paying a bit more in taxes and making it so the "peasants" don't revolt, or having to abandon their homes and everything they've amassed within the US? Even if they have a cushy bolt hole, it's got to be more pleasant (and more profitable) to have political stability.

    Why are the ultra rich willing to risk civilization as we know it for a principle when they're so damned rich a few percentage points in taxation really won't affect their standard of living at all?

    Also, as ElaineA pointed out, they still need customers. I know that our corporate system has elevated stock values and dividends above pleasing customers and sales numbers in importance. But if there's no middle class to buy the goods and services the corporations are producing, how can their stocks continue to increase?
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