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Thread: Trying to figure out the *thing*

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    Trying to figure out the *thing*

    So, I got an interesting character in an interesting situation, etc - I've gotten him from the status quo into something strange - I'm at the point where some kind of milestone problem has to occur which will add complications for the hero. Ok, good so far. I'm tripping up because (here's the situation) my hero has hidden something - I know he's forgotten that he's hid it - but I don't know why he hid it, I don't know what it is - I don't know what his adversary wants this thing for either. So in concrete visual terms (like - Frodo has to put a ring in a volcano) - I don't know what the thing is - nor the action my hero has to take to solve the story problem (like throwing a ring into a volcano...) I know that the adversary wants to control a resource and believes that the thing (and perhaps the hero's relationship with the thing) will let him do that.

    so, how do I figure out what the thing is - because without more idea of that, I'll just end up spinning pages & pages of 'putting things off' text.
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