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Thread: [ePub] Amazon Rapids

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    [ePub] Amazon Rapids

    Does anyone have any information about writers guidelines, format, submissions process, etc. for the new Amazon Rapids platform. I tried looking around to find the information...but all I see is about subscriptions and reading, not creating for. Anyone have the skivy on writing for AR?

    Addendum. Spent over 20 min on Amazon help chat, was passed to at least six or seven different people. End result. "We don't's a link to sign up with KDP." Argh!
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    practical experience, FTW
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    I don't know the answer to that, but I suspect that it is a specific targeted KU program triggered by your genre selection. Do you currently have a KDP account?

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    I couldn't find anything, either, so I would assume they aren't looking for submissions at this point.
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    I've just been brushed off in a chat with Amazon. My question was, "How does an author submit a manuscript to Amazon Rapids?" The Amazon rep first asked me to elaborate the question, and when I said I had no idea how to elaborate on such a simple question he put me on hold for several minutes to "research the issue". Then he wanted me to call "the team" associated with the issue. When I stated my preference to be told the procedure or be provided a direct link to a web page that described the procedure he told me he had submitted a form and "the team" would contact me via email.

    Amazon Rapids is a subscription based service for kids, young kids. Based on the description of the "stories" they are fed it sounds more like a chat room for children. Just my opinion, but based on available information, it is another Amazon Half-Baked Idea (AHBI) in which customers get to pay to be beta users and tell Amazon how to fix it.

    I could be wrong, and if "the team" provides any different or helpful information it will be posted here.

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