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You might get a dusting of snow, which will have the same effect on the city as what you would imagine 3 foot of snow would.
When I was a kid, we lived in central California. It snowed one time, effectively shutting down the entire region. Schools closed, sending kids home halfway through the day. The only highway between our town and the closest city was shut down, so my mom was trapped there overnight. Everything came to a standstill. You'd think it was a blizzard, but years later, we looked at photos of the great snowfall, and it was no more than an inch and a half!

I would assume your character that owns the building to be ludicrously wealthy also.
Indeed they are.

I like this character already, says a lot about a person how "engineerily logical" people get about fun things.
Yes, I was quite tickled when I got the idea for this scene. I hope I can make it work, despite the apparent lack of snow in London. . . . It's also a pivotal moment, when one character realizes he's in love with the other.

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With an apartment building, you'll need to set aside space for at least one stairwell (and possibly an elevator), and you'd probably compress things a bit for an urban mfh environment, unless it's an old building from an era when space was much more generous.
Have you seen the Victorian-era townhouses in London? I can't speak for all of them, of course, but the one we toured was quite cramped. The rooms were tiny, the bathroom was actually in the attic, there was no shower or bathtub, just a toilet and a basin/jug. I don't know how they managed during the era of hoopskirts and bustles!

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It very rarely snows in London. Not even in the suburbs. London is so huge and busy that it has its own microclimate, and it's far too warm for snow to fall or settle most of the time. As I said, I grew up in the London suburbs (in Hayes, if you're interested: it's near Heathrow Airport, so is nowhere near the centre of the city) and can only remember two times that the snow settled and lasted more than a few hours.
We stayed near there the first time we visited London! This was over five years ago, yet my hubby actually remembers which tube station was closest to where we stayed . . . I envy his brain, sometimes.

Yes, it does snow in London in Dr Who, but that's because the Doctor attracts anomalies. What happens around him can't be relied upon to happen when he's not there. And he's not often there, sadly.
True. Sad, but true. I didn't see any Doctors at all while we were in London. Although, I did run into Billie Piper at the V&A gift shop.

I don't suppose you know which street it was on, or have an address or anything? You could look at Google Maps. However, if it has a flat roof then that helps because it will almost certainly be a modern building, built since WWII--which means it will be smaller than the older buildings which surround it, as developers tend to have squeezed in as many buildings as they can as various sites have been redeveloped. So this would fit with your description of the building as narrow.
I do have the address, but I'm almost afraid to look at Google Maps, in case I remembered wrong and my idea is completely impossible. It was an entire row of similar flats, identical, all up and down the street. I've no idea how old they might be, but I might be able to get my husband to look it up for me. (He's good at finding out real estate facts.)

Remember, too, that most roofs aren't made for people to walk around on. If you want them to go out onto the roof it's going to be uncomfortable for them: there won't be surfaces you can walk on, usually, and if there are they'll be relatively narrow walkways. Even "flat" roofs usually have a small slope on them to aid drainage, and the construction isn't usually good for walking about on--think of roofing felt rather than concrete, for example. Our buildings are a lot different to yours.
Another delusion shattered! Well, this place is going to have to be special, or else I'm going to have to make major modifications to the story, because I have another pivotal scene that takes place on the roof. One of the characters turns the roof into a garden, with boxes of dirt to grow plants in. And she's working up there when the other character comes home after a 14 month absence. I have the reunion scene all planned out, and I've no idea where else I could set it.

Don't you hate it when reality butts its ugly head into things that are none of its business??