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Thread: The Send in Batches Theory of Querying.

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    The Send in Batches Theory of Querying.

    I've seen a number of folk mention here and there, that sending out a batch of queries at one time is the best approach. (ETA: As opposed to all at once to all the agents you feel would be worth sending to. I write MG, so there's quite a few. )

    The reason I heard for this approach is that:

    1/ It's a useful way of finding out if your query letter is good (ie, low requests = weak query)

    Anyone else feel batches is the best way to go, and if so, for what reason(s) (other than the one mentioned)?

    Using the assumption, that a group of 50 agents are equally desirable.

    Why send out batches of say, 10, rather than all together, other than the reason aforementioned?

    ETA: I'm leaving to one side the 'rating agents' aspect, as for me, the difference between number '1'' and number '50', isn't significant enough to give favour for one above another. The only differentiation I use, is those with more than 3 years experience as a 'full' agent v those with less than 3 years exp as a full agent. Definition of 'full' is my based on my own idiosyncratic criteria) Which leaves a roughly 20/30 divide, but not in rating desirability. This is a personal decision, and others would feel differently. So, going with that assumption...)
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